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Walk for Life West Coast 2014

We had a very successful display at the 2014 Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco - weather was good and tens of thousands of people showed up for the Walk and enjoyed the excellent speakers and standing up for life! Our display had many visitors!

Unlike other years when there was a mainstream media silence on the Walk, this year the Walk for Life West Coast was reported on Fox News and ABC news!

The video below, is the complete coverage of the Walk. Requires either "Adobe Flash" or the Youtube APP (for iPad, iPhone etc) in order to view. It's approximately 2 hours and 48 minutes in length.

San Francisco Walk for Life

My exhibit at the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco on January 21, 2012 was (thanks to your prayers and Divine Providence) another great success. I was once again, assisted by my very supportive friend, Dr Bill Carnazzo.

In spite of the threatening weather, there was a record turnout of over 40,000.  We were overwhelmed with enthusiastic pro-life devotees who received our ultimate handouts, and as usual, we encouraged these sympathizers to help relay our truth of this most just cause. The sudden and unpredicted clearing of the stormy weather, about an hour before the rally/walk began, I believe to be the answer to numerous prayers.

Because of the event management's logistic problems in setting up and organizing the info fair in a new area from previous rallies, I only had time to display the prime components of my exhibit and handouts. This problem was actually, a "blessing in disguise" because if I'd had time to set up my complete exhibit as I have done, indoors, I would have had problems with the wind disturbing the display. Also, the abbreviated display, left us room to feature a superb song writer/singer, Beverly Templeton, whom I miraculously met at last year's event. We were delighted that she was available to join us this year to successfully play her recently released pro-life recording, "I'll never know", which was available for a donation.

What seemed like a disaster, that is, my donation basket being stolen, was in a way, a blessing.  Our church took up a collection for me and it was very encouraging to see how many people in our parish (St Anne's Byzantine Catholic church) are supportive of this ministry.

I am thankful for these blessings but I wish that the Good Lord wouldn't disguise them so! :)

As expected, the mainstream media did not do justice to the quality and magnitude of this second largest pro-life event in the nation (probably, the world).  If you missed this event, you can view it on EWTN's youtube.com channel ( or click on video above!).

The prime speaker at the West Coast Rally, Reverend Childress, pointed out that our truth is taking hold, far more than ever, as we enter the 40th year of legalized abortion in the USA.  He related this to the "40 days for life" campaign and the significance of the number 40 on appearing numerous times in the Scriptures.

Let's give thanks that we are on an undeniable winning roll!

Yours  in God's Gift of Life,

PS: My utmost gratitude to all of my supporters who are making this website/ministry possible!
 - A special thanks to my Volunteer Web Developer - Sue Joan!

Central Coast Walk for Life - Oct 15 2011

Our goal on October 15, 2011 was to demonstrate our commitment to the sanctity of human life in a positive and moving manner worthy of the gravity of this issue. Many visitors and walkers joined us at our very elaborate display!

For more information about this yearly event, see: Central Coast Walk for Life website

Mother of Life Conference

We had a successful display at the Mother of Life conference, August 13, 2011.  Photos from our display are below:

West Coast walk for life and Marian Conference 2011

In January, we were highly productive in truly planting seeds in terms of encouraging avid pro-lifers to become more active at relaying our truth in whatever way works best for them.

We had a successful exhibit at the San Francisco March for life, 2011 where there was a record-breaking 50,000 attendees.  This 7th annual event was held on the anniversary of the infamous Roe V Wade Supreme Court ruling, 38 years ago.

As usual, the liberal media played it down.

On not anticipating the tremendous turnout, we exhausted our supply of pro-life handouts which mainly consisted of realistic 12 week fetal models, "Precious Feet" and "Precious Hands".

Of most interest on our very elaborate display, was the state of the art, prenatal exhibit, from Heritage House.

On my wish list is a portable video player with a rechargeable battery for outdoor events like this one.

TV personalities, Greg and Julie Alexander (pictured above with the Pro life fiddler), hosts of the EWTN show "Marriage works in Christ" and the Alexander House website, stopped by our exhibit at the Marian Conference, also in January.  Located in Paso Robles, this conference attracted a lot of attendees, many of whom stopped by our exhibit.

Click on Album to see more photos:
Album of photos

Catch me playing at Cold Stone Creamery, where I have numerous High School students coming to get a 12 week pre-born baby replica.

My utmost gratitude to my supporters, with a special thanks to Dr Bill Carnazzo, Sue Widemark and Myna Bradley.

Yours in the Gift of Life

~ Sol

Display at the Central Coast Walk for life!

Hundreds of people showed up for the Central Coast Walk for Life in San Luis Obispo on Sept 25, 2010, and many of them stopped to view our very elaborate display.  Many thanks to all who supported me in this endeavor and special thanks to Dr William Carnazzo, MD, pictured below with me. Dr Bill not only supported this display but also assisted me in sharing with our many visitors.

Photos by Myrna Bradley

Here are some photos of the event:

Album 1

Album 2

Yours in the Gift of Life,
- Sol  

Display/Handouts March 25, 2010 at Nativity Church

By Invitation of the Knights of Columbus (pictured with me above), I was invited to set up my booth at the Nativity Catholic Church Rosary Meeting in San Luis Obispo, CA, on March 25, 2010. In keeping with my Mission Statement, this exhibit was again aimed at encouraging pro-lifers to "plant seeds" by relaying our truth through spreading pro life resources. Our booth featured many hand-outs and also educational information.

Heartfelt thanks to the Knights of Columbus for their ongoing support of this ministry!  Also thanks to Al Liddicoat for the photos above.

Yours in the Gift of Life,
- Sol  

Our Display at the West Coast March for Life in San Francisco

The West Coast March for Life was the largest ever - 40,000 people showed up and even in the rain!  The superb speakers expressed confidence that in spite of adversity  (mainly the political climate), the truth about the atrocity of abortion is continually surfacing.  "The tide is turning to the pro-life side!" 

Our exhibit was at the finish line of the three mile walk, an elaborate display which included hand-outs, realistic 12 week fetal replicas and 10 week "precious feet", with the primary item being the ultimate fetal model sets from "Heritage House" pro life resource.

Our efforts focused on encouraging pro-lifers (like the couple above) and those who are supportive of the cause to relay our truth to the public as pointed out in our mission statement, or in any other creative methods.  Although we should continue to strive for pro-life legislation and politicians, it's become evident how frustrating that can be.  The continued efforts of pro-lifers to change hearts will bring the ultimate victory.

My special thanks to Dr Bill Carnazzo for assisting me and helping to make this exhibit possible. 

I don't take it for granted that this venture was safe and productive in all respects.  I'm certain that there was Divine Providence resulting from the prayers of several supporters. Fr James Lane, pastor of St Anne Byzantine Catholic Church (pictured with me above) offered much prayer support and more.  The Church bulletin featured photos of the march (including these provided by Fr James).

Please visit this site often for the latest news and updates and also to leave me feedback.  (Thanks to my fine volunteer web developer, A.C. Software. )

Yours in God's Gift of life,


Central Coast March for Life Oct 24, 2009

Prolifefiddler.com exhibit/handouts at the Central Coast Walk for life

In terms of touching hearts with undeniable confirmation of the humanity of the pre born, and encouraging those supportive of the pro life effort to become active in this most just cause, our pro life booth display at the Central Coast March for life was a great success.

Here is a slide show of photos from that event!

Of most interest was high quality/comprehensive fetal model sets

Yours in God's Gift of Life,
~ Sol

Parish Picnic

Parish Picnic & Bonfire at Port San Luis!

Parishioners enjoyed an afternoon and evening of good friends, good food, good music and the gift of the Pacific Ocean on Sunday, July 19th. It was such a hit that festivities did not start winding down until about 9pm! It had to have been the best church picnic on the Central Coast and we would like to thank all who made it such a success. In the words of Myrna Bradley: "We had a foot stompin' good time at our first St. Anne's Bonfire with castle-building, good food, great fellowship, and fun music at Port San Luis. Thanks again, Sol and Rachel."

Embryonic stem cell research

Embryonic stem cell research a dead end:

In 2009, Dr Oz announced on the Oprah show that embryonic stem cells are a dead end research and will never cure any disease but that adult stem cells will provide a cure in possibly 9 months! Oprah immediately took the sequence down from her website and now, Dr Oz has also removed the youtube video of him saying that about embryonic stem cell research being a dead end. But he did say it!

Broadcast Link!

The Pro Life Fiddler website was a broadcast link!

The Life Issues Institute featured this site as a broadcast link!. Here's what they wrote about Uncle Sol:

Sol Rudnick's a colorful and gentle guy. He converted from the Jewish Faith to Christianity (Catholicism) late in life. The seventy-two year old has been passionately pro-life since abortion was legalized. Sol's an accomplished violinist, but if you were to ask him, he'd tell you he's a fiddler. He looks like he could play the lead role in "Fiddler on the Roof". This retired tool-manufacturing technician fiddles in front of San Luis Obispo businesses and other public places in California. He's REALLY good, as evidenced from the tips he earns. Sol uses the money to reach as many people as he possibly can with the pro-life message. (featured on www.lifeissues.org on 9/19/08)