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Confirmation of Faith

(Dove Lands on Church Byzantine Cross!)

The extension of my Jewish faith to Catholicism was the result of my dedication (which I'm sure is a calling) to the Pro-Life cause for the past 37 years, since Roe v. Wade; I needed religious support to pursue my mission.

Since my conversion, I've occasionally had uncertainties about the essence of Christianity-Jesus being the true messiah.

When these doubts occur (which is most often during the Lenten season), and I pray on it, I often experience what I consider to be a sign to help me dispel any skepticism.

The greatest of these signs (which I believe was also meant for many others besides myself) was witnessed and photographed by several St. Anne parishioners.

On Sunday morning, April 26th, upon the arrival of our Bishop's visit, a dove landed on the Byzantine cross on top of the newly constructed dome of the church, and remained there at least until the mass started.

Am I reading too much into this "coincidence" by interpreting it to be God's message (by way of the Holy Spirit) in saying, "I'm proud of the Catholic Church!" I welcome any input.

--Sol Rudnick


Web developer's note: I had a difficult time obtaining a picture of the dove landing - several took photos but one person put them on a flash disk and lost the flash disk. This was the only photo I could get and as you may have noticed, although everything else in the photo is reasonably clear, the dove itself, is a bit fuzzy (Sol calls it "impressionistic" photography!). This instance resulted in a reassurance from God for several in these hard times. People who saw it said the Dove was very clear to look at. And bird watchers have told me that this is very un-Dove-like behavior - flying in the midst of a town and landing like it did. We know, of course, the Holy Spirit is represented as a Dove and Sol, a convert from the Jewish Faith was having doubts about the Trinity. Perhaps the fact that although people SAW it clearly, it did not photograph so, was God's indicator that it was a vision from Him. We will never know of course, but I would bet that those who witnessed it, have no doubts. God is wonderful! (SW)

Providence or Extreme Coincidence?

On being interviewed for a story in the San Luis Obispo California Tribune, I asked if they would mention my pro life dedication. At the moment that my request was refused, the above photo was taken.

Notice the mother and baby complimentary background of the photo.

A week later when the story/photo was printed, I had an idea (I believe by way of the Holy Spirit) for enhancing the handout display of my pro life showings; a rotating platform device i.e. a "Lazy Susan". When I purchased a "Lazy Susan", the kitchen supply store proprietor recalled having seen me perform at the spot where the photo was taken.

I showed the press photo/story and she was amazed to see her sister, Susan (Lazy Susan?) and baby, visiting from Eugene, Oregon, in the background of the photo.

Be sure to see this "Lazy Susan" in operation at my pro life exhibits.

Although they denied mentioning my pro life dedication, the fact that in the photo appeared this mother and baby crossing the street seems to indicate that God had a way of mentioning my pro life dedication anyway.