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Please consider helping us to get the word out!

Donations of any amount (i.e. "The Widow's Mite" or up to whatever you can afford) are appreciated for this "home spun" pro-life ministry. 100 percent of your donations will go to this ministry (which has saved many pre born babies!)

Donations Used For

** The purchase of pro-life resources to be given to dedicated pro-lifers for distribution in the manner outlined in this ministryís mission, or by their own creative methods. I will only give these pro-life resources to dedicated individuals that Iím acquainted with or that they refer me to.

** Printing/Mailing

** Computer/Website Expenses

** Pro-Life booths at festivities and civic events where permitted (we could use volunteers, please contact Sol by mail or phone below or click on "Contact Us" and send us email!). We welcome your suggestions for other venues.

You can contribute to my exhibits at these events
Or at any of my regular appearances!