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About Uncle Sol Rudnick

Sol Rudnick is well known throughout the country for his own distinctive style of acoustic fiddling. He has played gigs in many states. Arizona State Fiddling champion for 2 years, Sol is on recording on the "Purist" label and now has two CD's available. Most nights he can be found playing outside of Cold Stone Creamery in San Luis Obispo, much to the delight of the customers there.

Sol is also an inventor and worked as a Tool Designer for many years. In his 70's, Sol walks or rides a bicycle everywhere, did serve in the armed forces as a young man and is not only a man of many talents but also very physically fit and keeps up a work schedule which would be difficult for most folks half his age as well as volunteers for the Pro Life Cause.

Sol was instrumental in founding "Fiddler's Dream", a place where one can hear folk music and "The Arizona Fiddlers Assn". Sol has been written up in the news media more times than he can remember. The following are a couple of more recent articles which might be of interest:

Article in the Slo Magazine, August 2004

A College person's view of Sol Rudnick