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Mission Statement

1. To encourage pro-lifers and those who are supportive of the pro-life cause, to write editorials to receptive publications. - For suggestions on authoring these editorials please visit prolifeletters.com.

2. To encourage pro-lifers and those who are supportive of the pro-life cause, to "plant seeds" that will grow and spread. i.e.: There is an abundance of pro-life resources that give overwhelming credence to our cause waiting to be distributed and left at vital locations. This method/zeal of distributing literature is somewhat similar to what the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Gideons employ to spread their message. This strategy is very effective and requires little time. Its also important to pray that this pro-life material will find its way into receptive hands of people that are "on the fence" or are in agreement and will spread the word. Its okay to "preach to the choir" providing that the choir relays the message. Presently, for the most part, pro-life resources are found only in pro-life booths at festivities, and crisis pregnancy centers.

3. To encourage avid pro life individuals (rather than only pro life organizations) to imitate my efforts in setting up exhibits at pro life gatherings and festivities.  These displays can have the dual function of both changing hearts and encouraging our supporters to become more active.


Many babies have been saved by this ministry.

"A Miracle child, due to Sol's ministry and prayers by many. Thank you!"

- S.J., grandparent

Open Letter to President Obama

March 1, 2011


Dear Mr. President:

In your acceptance speech you stated that we can come together, since our country was more divided after the Civil War than now. I disagree. There is an ethical parallel between our nation's division during the Civil War Era and the present time. Before freeing the slaves, President Lincoln had to dispel the assumption of many, including the Supreme Court justices, that black people weren't completely human. In comparison, our age's similarly infamous belief is that the pre-born are not completely human, even though modern technology such as the sonogram provides undeniable evidence of their humanity.

Your reply to a question about the living state of the pre-born was, “That question is above my pay grade.” The following authoritative quote is by the acclaimed genetic scientist and professor, Dr. Jerome Lejune: “If a fertilized egg is not in itself a complete human being, it could never become a man, because something else would have to be added, and we know that does not happen.”

If by way of investigating the pro-life side of the debate you changed your stance on the abortion issue, it would not be inconsistent with some of your fellow Democrats who are also pro-life, despite the pro abortion platform of the Democratic Party. Considering the foregoing, should not the benefit of any doubt about the humanity of the pre-born go to the side of life? Your statement, “If my daughter made a mistake I wouldn't want her to be punished with a child,” is quite a paradox—coming from a devoted husband and father. Changing your position on abortion and related ethical issues would not be as far fetched as it may seem.

Surely you are aware of prominent persons who altered their views on the matter. Former abortionist and once-director of the nation's largest abortion clinic, Dr. Bernard Nathanson has written a book, produced two videos, and lectures worldwide against abortion. Norma McCorvey of Roe v. Wade (Norma was "Jane Roe" in the case which made abortion legal in the USA) has written a book on her conversion to the pro-life side. President Reagan was pro-choice when he was governor of California, but on assuming the presidency became pro-life to the point of authoring Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation and doing all in his power to restrict abortion. Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, authored the NY Times best selling book in 2010, "unPLANNED", after becoming aware of the realities of abortion and resigning from Planned Parenthood .

I am praying, along with numerous other dedicated pro-life devotees and organizations, that you will reconsider your position on abortion and related issues such as embryonic stem cell research—before using your power to reverse the accomplishments of the pro-life movement during the past three decades. Could it be beyond a coincidence that you and the president who freed the slaves, both started your political careers in Illinois? I suspect that President Lincoln would be proud of your taking a stand to free the one in four babies destined for elective abortion.

I hope that you will follow through with the promise in your acceptance speech, “I'm willing to listen.”

Marcie's Testimony

Marcie is a loving giving person who has spent much time, helping others. Wife to Lance, she is also mother to two adult boys.  She is now, taking care of her terminally ill mother, providing a hospice in her house.  This is pretty much a 24 hour job.

One day, she needed a break from her hospice caring, and ended up in Cold Stone Creamery, where Sol the Pro Life Fiddler plays. She saw Sol and the pictures on his backpack. Looking more closely at his display, she fingered the small lifelike fetus model Sol has on his backpack.  She asked, "Is that what an unborn baby looks like?" (this is a small lifelike model of a 12 week fetus, the age at which most abortions are performed).  Sol answered her affirmatively, and he gave her one of these tiny fetuses and a card.  "Take this with you", he said, "You might be able to share it with someone."

Six months later, Marcie learned that her niece, Anna, was pregnant.  Anna, living with her father (who is Marcie's brother) and aunt (her mother was out of town for a work assignment), told them about the baby and they, very much wanted her to have an abortion. "You are only 16, too young to carry a baby." they both told Anna.

Anna did not want to have an abortion but her father kept pushing her.

One night Anna's father and aunt took Anna to a clinic where they thought Anna could get an abortion. Anna tried to resist getting out of the car but they literally pulled her out by her hair.

When they brought her into the clinic, the clinic told them that they did not do abortions at that facility and besides it should be Anna's choice (and not that of the father and aunt). Anna's father got very angry when they said this and started throwing things in the clinic.  They went home but told Anna, they were planning to take her to the facility which did do abortions, the following day.

Anna was torn. She did not want to displease her father and aunt but on the other hand, did not feel right about the abortion.  She tearfully, called her aunt Marcie who came right over.

Marcie just before leaving, remembered the little model of a fetus which Sol the Pro Life Fiddler gave her and the accompanying card.  She took that with her to visit Anna.

When Marcie got to Anna's house, she showed Anna the little fetus model. "That's what your baby looks like", Marcie told Anna," - are you sure you want to have an abortion."  Anna took the little baby in her hands examining it carefully.  "Oh no!" she decided, "I didn't know that my baby looked like THIS!" she exclaimed!  "I can't have an abortion now - can you help me?."

Marcie said "Well, you want to come live with me?"  Anna did and so Marcie helped her to pack her things.  Marcie's father didn't mind Anna moving out as he was upset she didn't want the abortion.

Anna is now 6 months pregnant and happy and looking forward to the baby.  Marcie and Lance and Anna have named the baby who is a little girl.  Her name will be Sadie Isabella and Marcie told me "Everyone is already in love with little Sadie!"

Marcie told me that she feels if it were not for the small lifelike fetus model, Sol gave her, she would not be happily expecting to greet her grandniece.  "That little baby Sol gave me was Heaven sent," Marcie told me.

This article by Sue Widemark (my web developer) was based on her phone interview with Marcie, Anna's aunt, who came up to me at Cold Stone Creamery in San Luis Obispo and thanked me for giving her the little realistic baby model which she feels saved her grandniece's life.


The Pro Life Fiddler's famous prolife resources!

Imitators Welcome, I will help!

~~ Sol

My Backpack

My hat portraying my pro-life / fiddling dedication

My shoes with a replica of my feet at 10 weeks
from conception

The ultimate prolife / music bolo tie

I don't expect many to go to this extreme, however, please consider imitating (somewhat), this well proven technique in your own style. Especially if you are close to my age, 78 (from conception), and don't have to be concerned about being "cool" or "politically correct"!

The Innovation Vacuum by Mark Crutcher

Reprinted with permission of the author:

From "Access: The Key to Pro Life Victory" by Mark Crutcher, Life Dynamics Institute

One of my favorite sayings is: If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got."

Unfortunately, that could be the motto for the pro life movement. We keep doing the same things year in and year out, while thinking that one day, we'll get different results. We've been at this for about 30 years now, but we don't have have thirty years worth of experience. What we've got is one year's experience thirty times.

The primary reason this situation exists is because some pro life organizations are being run by people who worry about what they will do for a living if abortion ends tomorrow.  They are what I call crusaders, who have fallen in love with the crusade.

I am not suggesting that these people are not pro-life. What I'm talking about is priorities.  It may be uncomfortable to hear but the reality is that there are people within the pro-life community who no longer see their primary objective as stopping abortion but perpetuating their own organizations.

  Their mindset is what creates this innovation vacuum.  The fact that the pro-life establishment isn’t doing anything today that it wasn’t doing 25 years ago is a clear indicator that they just don’t have any new ideas. 

But that’s only half the problem.  The other half is that they don’t want anyone else to introduce new ideas either.  Innovation by other pro-life organizations is seen as a challenge to their self-appointed ownership of the movement and I have seen them try to destroy worthwhile pro-life initiatives only because those initiatives did not originate with them.

-- Mark Crutcher

Planting Seeds

Resource Suggestions for "Planting Seeds"

Heritage House - www.hh76.com (800)-858-3040 - The world's largest pro-life resource. I recommend their Precious One fetal models. They are very realistic and affordable.
Life Dynamics - www.lifedynamics.com (940) 380-8800 Their Choice brochure I believe to be the best available.
American Life League - www.all.org or resource@all.org.This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

* I acquire an abundance of pro-life resources such as those mentioned above that I would love to share with dedicated pro-lifers that I'm acquainted with, or are referred to me. All I ask is that you distribute and/or leave them at vital locations as mentioned in the mission statement.

Interesting information

Effects of abortion on world demographics

Please visit www.pop.org for undeniable confirmation on the myth of overpopulation and how abortion has caused an aging and/or negative population rate in many countries worldwide. It has also been the real cause of social security and imigration problems.


                     Fr Frank Pavone and Sol in 2004

8 Reasons Why the Pro-Life Movement is Winning

by Father Frank Pavone, M.E.V., National Director, Priests for Life

1. Ever-growing involvement of young people.
2. The flow of conversions. (National polls are showing this.) Thanks to all the pro-life education going on.
3. Silent No More Awareness Campaign - Women and men speak out concerning their regret on having had an abortion.
4. Fewer abortionists, fewer abortion mills - from 2,000 in 1993 to 740 today. Who wants to be an abortionist?
5. Legal evidence mounts - personhood of unborn child. Legislation pending in Congress on personhood.
6. Growing evidence that abortion harms women.
7. Legislation: The Supreme Court banned partial birth abortion. Congress passed and President Bush** signed Born-Alive Infants Protection Act and Unborn Victims of Violence Act. 28 states have laws that protect unborn life and/or trigger laws that would immediately go into effect if Roe v. Wade was reversed and sent back to the states.
8. Corruption at abortion clinics is uncovered - www.childpredator.com - www.clinicworker.com

**Let's hope that President Obama does not attempt to undo this. -Sol 

Politics Related to the Pro-Life Movement

Please pray for the complete pro-life conversion of all elected officials. i.e. President Ronald Reagan was “pro-choice” when he was governor of California. After being elected President he became the most pro-life president we’ve ever had, to the point of writing a book while he was in office on the subject, titled Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation.

About this website

A Work in Progress Website

This website was launched in April of 2008. I keep all on my postal mailing list informed of updates and additions. I welcome your input, suggestions and prayers for this endeavor. Please relay this website far and wide in whatever way works best for you.

My Utmost Thanks

I'd like to express my utmost gratitude to all my supportive friends who helped launch this website, especially the following: The Knights of Columbus, Doctor William Carnazzo, Andrew Pudewa, Paul Santos and family, Regina Foster, Roland Risch, Frederica Kreitzer and Sue Widemark - A.C.Software.

Also, thanks for the ongoing support from Dr William Carnazzo, MD, and Sue Widemark, my web geek.

Final Thought

A Final Thought

The "pro-choice" forces are battling God. Guess who will win? However, as has always been the case with God conquering evil, he wants man to be a part of the victory. What a compliment to the potential of mankind! One of your rewards for pursuing the mission statement will likely be meeting some of the babies you’ve saved. As Mother Teresa stated - "God doesn't expect us to be successful, only faithful." It was my pro-life dedication that motivated me to survey Christianity and convert from Judiasm to Catholicism.


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